Sunday, September 11, 2011

RobotGeek Americast Episode 03

The best episode yet! Mainly because we’ve never reached these lofty heights before! 3 Episodes in and still standing!

This week, the guys talk about

- The most rage inducing game moments
- How Sonic is crap, but Shadow is worse
- Nick’s war over the Lego Series
- Whether or not they finish games
- Nick’s Lemon Law for all games, especially shooters

Oh, and massive thanks to Anamanaguchi, whose music we used this week on the show. They rock my world.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

RAGE Against The (Russian) Machine

If you are an FPS fan, you’ve probably racked up an immeasurably high virtual body count using hundreds, if not thousands, of different weapons. From auto-shotguns, to plastic explosives, to chainsaw rifles, you’ve seen it all. But after doing away with so many of these video game bad guys, you may occasionally start to wonder what these weapons would look like in real life. But, instead of going postal and proving Fox News and the Jack Thompsons of the world right, check out one of my favorite Youtube channels: FPS Russia.

FPS Russia is a channel comprised of videos made by a charmingly insane guy who dubs himself the “Professional Russian”. Although it’s unclear whether or not he’s actually Russian, what is clear is that he gets his hands on some serious hardware. Being the gamer that he is, our rusky hero often custom builds these splendid objects of annihilation to imitate well known weapons from video games, such as this real life version of the RC XD in Call of Duty: Black Ops. If you like, you can also watch him vent his frustration when his Xbox dies. Who hasn’t wanted to do this to their Xbox when they are mocked by those god damn red rings of death?

One of his most recent videos his centered around weapons from Id’s upcoming title; RAGE. This is truly a must see video if you’ve ever wondered what would happen in real life to a mutant if you shot him with a magazine fed 12-gauge shotgun, an automatic rifle, and an exploding crossbow. Yeah, you read that last part right, a FUCKING EXPLODING CROSSBOW!

Developed by Id and published by Bethesda, the upcoming post-apocalyptic sand box game RAGE is slated for release on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 4th in the states, and October 7th in Europe.

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